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Factory Ventilation and Cooling Solution

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Why do Factories need Ventilation and Cooling?

1. The main production area of ​​the factory is densely staffed.
2. The equipment generates heat and exhaust gas, which affects the working environment of workers.
3. Summer heat and machinery heat leads to hot environment that seriously affects work efficiency.
4. Air conditioning installation is difficult, along with high installation cost and high electricity cost.

Why Green Tree Industrial Fans is the best Ventilation and Cooling Solution

Major benefits of HVLS over traditional industrial fans.
1. The energy consumption is extremely low. Massive savings in electricity bill.
2. High air volume and large coverage area.
3. The installation is simple.
4. HVLS Motor, efficient and requires no maintenance.
5. Small size, does not affect operation within the work space.

About Green Tree Technology

We are committed to improving the human living environment with innovation and technology.We changed the whole industrial fan market, providing a new product that saves 1.2kW of power per hour, helping you save 100,000 a year

Please contact us, a dedicated engineer will provide you with the solution that best suits your needs.