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Large Shopping Mall Ventilation and Cooling Solution

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Can large shopping malls use ventilation and cooling?

1. Large-scale shopping malls are crowded, leading to a hot environment.
2. Large-scale shopping malls are mostly open spaces. Air conditioners cannot be used.
3. Some closed shopping malls. Central air-conditioning has only cooling effect, but there is no ventilation function
4. Regular fan coverage area is too small, the effect is very poor

There are several methods to improve ventilation of large shopping malls!

1. Central air conditioner
2. Regular fans
3. Pressure fans
4. Industrial fans

Why Green Tree industrial fans offers the best ventilation and cooling device for large shopping malls.

Six major benefits of using in a large mall.
1. Combine with air conditioner to achieve the best effect, save energy and reduce emissions
2. Cover a wide area, comfortable wind, continuous fresh air has the feeling of outdoor locations
3. Cool down 3-5 °C, improve indoor environment
4. Low energy consumption
5. Variations of design, can be combined with the design of the venue
6. Safe and reliable, maintenance-free.

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