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Auto Repair-Shop Ventilation and Cooling Solution

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Does an auto repair shop need ventilation and cooling?

1. Many machines are being repaired at the same time, there will be a lot of heat generated, so the whole environment is hot.
2. Maintenance equipment operation generates heat and exhaust gas, affecting the health of workers.
3. Summer heat is trapped inside, seriously affecting work efficiency.
4. The installation cost of air conditioner is high and the electricity cost is higher.

There are several ways to increase the ventilation of an auto repair shop!

1. How does an industrial fan work?
Large industrial fans use a long blade to rotate at a low speed to agitate a large area of ​​air. The air flow can extend at least to a radius of 20 meters from the center of the fan. Depending on the installation height, the area can be varied from 300 to 800 m2. The wind speed is about 2-3 meters / sec, can achieve 2-3 natural wind effect, body temperature drop 3-5 ° C.

2. How does the negative pressure fan help?
The negative pressure fan is the principle of cooling by air convection and negative pressure ventilation. It is a kind of opposite direction of the installation site---the door naturally absorbs fresh air, and the indoor sultry gas is quickly forced out of the room, which can improve the ventilation. The problem is that the cooling effect is low, only a few percent.

Why Green Tree Fans is the best ventilation and cooling device in the garage.

It has six major benefits over traditional industrial fans.
1. The energy consumption is extremely low. It can provide cooling and ventilation at a very low cost
2. High air volume, wide coverage area, low weight and is very safe.
4. The installation is simple.
5. Maintenance-free
6. Small size, so does not affect normal operation

About Green Tree Technology

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