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Warehouse Ventilation and Cooling Solutions

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Why do warehouses need ventilation and cooling?

1. Temperature for goods: Most goods have temperature and humidity requirements for storage, especially, food and electronic product warehouses. 
2. Personnel requirements: The staff in the storage area are in a relatively closed environment for a long time and the air is not circulating, which can greatly affect their health or comfort.

Why the Green Tree HVLS Industrial Fan is the Best Ventilation and Cooling Device for the Logistics Field.

Five major benefits in warehousing logistics. 
1) Ventilation and Cooling 
2) De-humidification
3) Wide Coverage and High Efficiency 
4) Natural and Comfortable Wind 
5) Low Energy Consumption

About Green Tree Technology

We are committed to improving the human living environment with innovation and technology.We changed the whole industrial fan market, providing a new product that saves 1.2kw of power per hour, helping you save 100,000 a year

Please contact us, a dedicated engineer will provide you with the solution that best suits your needs.