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Green Tree HVLS Industrial Fan Safety

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Safety is the most important thing in the manufacturing industry. In the event of an accident, companies need to bear huge a huge responsibility and liability. Therefore, “Safety First” is not just a slogan but a mindset in our whole company. Green Tree offers Safety, Security and Product Liability Insurance.

1. Smaller Motor

The motor is only 30 cm in diameter and the volume is 2/3 smaller than that of traditional industrial fans. The use of a permanent magnet direct drive motor, not only reduces the size of the motor, but also greatly reduces the weight of the motor. Green Tree 4.3M industrial fans, only weight 55kg and the weight of our largest product, the 7.3M industrial fan is only 100kg.

2. Integrated Motor

An integrated motor reduces excess parts and allows the whole product to be more compacted and lightweight.

3. Aviation Grade Material

The blade adopts the same material of the aviation wing, which is more flexible, safe and reliable.

4. Emergency Stopping

When there is an external force applied to the moving fan blade, the fan will automatically power off to ensure safety.

5. Product Liability Insurance

Green Tree Technology insured products and product liability insurance. We have added an insurance policy to keep all safety factors to a minimum. Let you really experience that safety first is not a "slogan".

About Green Tree Technology

We are committed to improving the human living environment with innovation and technology.We changed the whole industrial fan market, providing a new product that saves 1.2kw of power per hour, helping you save 100,000 a year

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