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Green Tree HVLS Industrial Fan

HVLS Industrial Fan
power consumption
Coverage Area
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Why Choose Green Tree Industrial Fan

Green Tree focuses on product practicality, customer experience and manufacture the highest quality technology.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Uses 300W of Power per Hour
  • Safety and Quality

    Half the Size of Traditional Fans
  • Easy Installation

    Lightweight, Minimum Clearance Required
  • Maintenance Free

    No Lubricating Required

Rated at only 300W, Massive Savings Annually

Welcome to inquire with us, communicate with our dedicated engineers, who will provide you with the most suitable solution for your location.

Industrial Fan Energy Saving Comparison

Parameters Area Coverage Area Units Electricity Use Duration Daily Electricity Use Monthly Electricity Use Annual Electricity Use Electricity Fee Total Cost
Green Tree HVLS Industrial Fan 10000m² 500m² 20 0.3kw/hr 10hr 60kw 1800kw 21600kw 1.5 32400
Traditional Industrial Fan 10000m² 500m² 20 1.5kw/hr 10hr 300kw 9000kw 108000kw 1.5 162000
Total Savings Using Green Tree Fans can save you RMB 129,600 annually
Parameters Green Tree Other
Area 10000m² 10000m²
Coverage Area 500m² 500m²
Units 20 20
Electricity Use 0.3kw/hr 1.5kw/hr
Duration 10hr 10hr
Daily Electricity Use 60kw 300kw
Monthly Electricity Use 1800kw 9000kw
Annual Electricity Use 21600kw 108000kw
Electricity Fee 1.5 1.5
Total Cost 32400 162000
Total Savings Using Green Tree Fans can save you RMB 129,600 annually.

Industrial Fan Applications

The Green Tree Industrial Fan can solve problems such as ventilation and cooling. and many scenarios can be applied.

Waiting Hall/Lobby


Sports Venues


Conference Rooms




Auto-Repair Shops

Processing Plants


Manufacturing Plants

Classification of Industrial Fans

Green Tree HVLS Industrial fans can solve the problems of ventilation, cooling, and can be used in many scenarios.

Green Tree Industrial Fan Product Data

Size 2.2M 3.3M 4.3M 5.3M 6.3M 7.3M
Coverage Area 250m² 350m² 500m² 850m² 1000m² 1400m²
Air Volume 4800m³/min 6000m³/min 8500m³/min 9500m³/min 10500m²/min 14500m²/min
Maximum Speed 110RPM 110RPM 110RPM 80RPM 70RPM 60RPM
Motor Power 0.2kw/hr 0.3kw/hr 0.3kw/hr 0.7kw/hr 1.1kw/hr 1.4kw/hr
Weight 45kg 50kg 55kg 65kg 80kg 100kg
Speed 0-50HZ
App Control Optional
LED Control Box Optional
Temperature Sensor Optional
Lighting Optional
Camera Optional

Green Tree Industrial Fan Installation Conditions

Building structure requirements, H-beam, I-beam, concrete beam, frame, column and other housing structure

parameter Requirement
Total height of building Pine ≥ 3.5M / Poplar ≥ 4M
h1 Rotation Safety Distance h1 ≥ 0.2M
h2 Rotation Safety Distance h2 ≥ 0.2M
h3 Rotation Safety Distance h3 ≥ 1.2M
h4 Fan Circumference H4 Depends on Fan Model
h5 Distance from Mounting Base 0.3M ≥ h5 ≥ 0.5M
h6 Distance from Fan to Ground h6 ≥ 18M
Input Power 3.5A-380V / 5.7A-220V(Model Dependent)



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