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Green Tree Platform Lighting Fan

Retractable Distance
Airflow Range
Installation Time
Equipped Lighting

Issues Within Logistics Industry

Green Tree Technology has discovered that many problems arise during the loading and unloading platforms of the logistics and transportation industry. We have developed a product to solve these problems.

  • Problem 1

    No lighting within the container, severely limiting the visibility of workers during operation.
  • Problem 2

    Minimum air and ventilation within container, which is harmful to the health of workers.
  • Problem 3

    The loading and unloading platform has limited space, making it difficult to use a regular fan.
  • Problem 4

    Many variations of containers, fixed fans cannot satisfy all the different types.

Green Tree Platform Lighting Fan

Our retractable platform lighting fan is a solution to many problems in the logistics and transportation industry that we have encounter. It was designed to easily move around and provide lighting and air during the difficult loading and and unloading process in the industry.

Platform lighting fan model / parameters

Product Air Volume Wind Pressure Power Range Light Power
Platform Lighting Fan 10.5cmm/m 280-350 pa 60-70w 10m 30w
Product 月台照明冷风机
Air Volume 10.5cmm/m
Wind Pressure 280-350 pa
Power 60-70w
Range 10m
Light Power 30w

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